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History and Location

The first school building was finished in 1873. In 2002 the planned renovation and rebuilding was completed with the rectangular shape of the new “Mostviertler Bildungshof”. 2021 the construction of a new gym and a new boarding school started.

Giesshuebl is part of the region called “Mostviertel-, which is famous for its “Most”, a fruit wine made of apples and pears (perry).


School and dormitory

The Mostviertler Bildungshof is a boarding school. Half of the students are residents, which mean that they live in the boarding house from Monday to Friday.


Leisure activities

The school is equipped with a football ground, a beach-volleyball field, facilities for running and all kinds of athletics. For indoor activities billard table, table soccer, tennis tables, a gym, a sauna and for relaxing TV-sets and a lounge is offered.


The Education

The school is provided with modern classrooms and two IT-suites. Smartboards and computers are installed in each classroom. The curriculum is divided in theoretical lessons and a practical training programme.


Branches of the school

Giesshuebl offers two branches of education –

The technical agricultural training and the home management training.


-> The Technical Agricultural Training

The classical agricultural education is divided into practical and theoretical subjects and supplies the students with skills in Plant production, Animal husbandry, Forestry, Farm machinery, Fruit growing and processing, Constructing, Economics, Management, German, English, Computers and general knowledge.

In the third year our students can choose between the subjects “Hunting”, where they get their hunting exam or “Stallprofi” where they get a certificate for being professional farm labourer.

Special Fields

  • Animal husbandry of cattle, pigs and chicken (feeding, husbandry, breeding, marketing, animal health)
  • Fruit Wine Production (fruit growing and processing, producing fruit wine, liqueurs, vinegar,…)
  • Plant Production
  • Farm Machinery
  • Forestry


The Centre for Piggery at Giesshuebl: 

The refocussing of the Agricultural School Giesshuebl culminated in the 2001 decision to build a centre for piggery. Three self-employed farmers run this state-of-the-art production centre, which also serves the school`s training and research needs.


-> The Home Management Training

The basic training in Home Management is divided into practical and theoretical subjects such as Home Management, Cooking, Gardening, Sewing, Textile handicraft, Gardening, Economics, Management and general knowledge.

The special training in the third year is focused on Social Services.

In the final year the students get – if they have the required work experience –  the certificates in nursery-assistant, child-minder, kindergarden-assistant, family-assistant and office-worker in medical affairs.


-> “Dorfhelfer” support on farms

They pitch in, if the farmer drops out.

The training lasts from September till June and includes a lot of practical trainings on the farms.


Social Training

  • Child and youth mentoring
  • Elderly care

Agricultural practical training on farms

  • Practical training in autumn
  • Practical training on a specialized farm
  • Practical training in spring

Fields of responsibility:

  • Managing rural households and associated fields (garden, orchard…)
  • Taking care of children (from babies up to schoolchilds) and old, high-maintenance people
  • All activities on the farm, working in the stable, harvesting, coordinating direct marketing and farm holidays


-> Vocational matriculation examination

In Gießhübl you also have the chance to take your vocational matriculation examination after you have successfully completed an agricultural vocational school. This is possible because of the cooperation with the Francisco Josephinum.

The course lasts from September to June and you’ll have to do the following courses


Final examination

Five hours written exam AND an oral exam in German

Four hours written exam in Mathematics

Five hours written exam OR an oral exam in English

Five hours written exam in a special field OR writing a thesis on a higher level

Schulgebäude Mostviertler Bildungshof Gießhübl