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History and Location

History and Location

The first school building was finished in 1873.

In 2002 the planned renovation and rebuilding was completed and the rectangular shape of the new “Mostviertler Bildungshof”- with its surrounding farm buildings and fields fits perfectly into the characteristics of the Mostviertel region.

The school is located in Lower Austria near Amstetten. Giesshuebl is part of the region called “Mostviertel-, which is famous for its “Most”, a fruit wine made of apples and pears. This is also the reason for numerous apple and pear trees in this region. The school hast its own orchards.


School and dormitory

The Mostviertler Bildungshof is a boarding school. Half of the students are residents, which mean that they live in the boarding house from Monday to Friday.

There is no tuition fee, for board and lodging the amount is   € 280,10

The dormitory consists of 30 rooms en-suite. Up to 3 students live in one room.

Spare time activities
The school is equipped with a football ground, a beach-volleyball field, facilities for running and all kinds of athletics. For indoor activities snooker tables, tennis tables, a fitness room, a gym, a sauna and for relaxing TV-sets and a lounge is offered.